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Grow your own Christmas dinner

Posted on May 07, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Did you know you can start growing all the fruit and vegetables you need for your Christmas dinner now?

Yes, you could have a homegrown, homemade festive lunch this year.

It is possible now to start growing potatoes, sprouts, carrots and all your veggies for a traditional Christmas meal and to harvest and save them for the big day later in the year. With some you can store them traditionally in paper bags (or even buckets of sand if you’re talking carrots and parsnips) or just freeze your beans and peas after blanching them.

You can even plant cranberry bushes and make some jelly to go with your turkey if you plan ahead.

It’s a great gift to your family and friends and it’s wonder to eat something that you have grown yourself. If you grow something and pick it and eat immediately then the freshness of the produce is palatable in the taste and growing your own means you can help lessen food miles.

All you have to do now is organise your turkey, goose or nut roast nearer the time!

Here are some of things you could grow for Christmas this year:

Maris Piper – maincrop

Carrot St.Valery
Seeds: 1,500 seeds per packet.

Pea Kelvedon Wonder
Seeds: 100 seeds per packet.

Broad bean – The Sutton
Seeds: 15 seeds per packet.

Dwarf Bean Royalty
Seeds: 100 seeds per packet.

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