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Beekeepers national hive scheme

Posted on May 06, 2014 by Potter & Rest

The Welsh Bee Keepers’ Association (WBKA) has launched a new widget called The Hive Locator. A growing problem beekeepers are currently facing is finding suitable plots for hives so the new widget brings beekeepers together with members of the public/allotment owners or organisations who have suitable land to offer up.

The honeybee is currently in decline, but through the management of bee colonies, treatment of disease and maintenance of the beehives, colony numbers are steadily increasing.

The new scheme was rolled out in Wales but is now available across the country. We think it is great as the conservation of bees is extremely important. The new widget benefits gardeners and allotment owners or crop growers as they get better pollination of their plants.

The Hive Locator is available at www.wbka.com/hive-locator. If you’re a beekeeper looking for potential hive plots then it’s a great site to check out.

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