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Posted on April 30, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Gardens are fast becoming extensions of people’s indoor living spaces so it’s important to treat them as you would if it was your lounge or dining room.

Why not divide up the outside and create even more rooms? Each one can have a different theme, colour palette, scent and mood. It helps to build interest and can be a great talking point too.

Like you would with a living room for example, it’s important to think about lighting for evening activities and entertainment. Different lighting can also help create different moods and many lights can be used in the garden all year round. Use spotlights to highlight certain trees or plants. Position lights under foliage, or a certain feature, for more intense lighting or place two spotlights either side for something more subtle.

Sundials, birdbaths and other garden ornaments are great for creating focal points and can add decoration to pathways as well.

You could also invest in some comfortable, all-weather cushions to brighten up the garden and provide much needed comfort for guests. Select something that you can leave out throughout the summer months like these shower resistant ones, as that helps give you more time to sit and enjoy your garden rather than tidying up all the time.

Water features are also a great idea for creating a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere. A simple wall fountain is perfect for those not wishing to do much maintenance.

A garden’s atmosphere would be nothing without the plants within it. Think carefully about the mood you’re going for. Viburnum carlesii Aurora is great for a lovely spring scent and roses are a must for the summer months.

To keep the garden colourful and scented throughout the autumn why not try pineapple sage as its leaves are very aromatic.

Add drama to your space with the big white flowers of the Aralia elata. In autumn the leaves will turn purple, red and orange.

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