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Growing microgreens

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Potter & Rest

If you’re an amateur gardener that wants to give growing a go but doesn’t want to go all out then why not try your hand at growing microgreens.

They’re great for jazzing up an otherwise dull salad and can easily be grown in seed trays for just a few days before they’re ready to be picked.

They produce leaves that are larger than sprouted seeds but smaller than baby salad leaves and can be harvested shortly after germination.

Cut kitchen roll to fit the base of a seed tray, make sure it is damp and then sow your seeds onto it, or they can be sown directly into compost. Place the trays on windowsills or in glasshouses/propagators in order to help them grow.

Be sure to keep them well hydrated and use scissors to harvest as soon as the leaves have sprouted. Microgreens come as a variety of crops including coriander, cress, mustard and radish.

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