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What’s looking good in Peter’s garden at the moment – the crocus

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Peter has been out in his garden again and this time he has been discovering the delights of the crocus, which are one of the best early flowering bulbs.

They are very hardy, even poking their heads up through snow, easy to plant anywhere in the garden and are very good when planted beneath winter flowering pansies for an extra burst of colour in your pots as spring approaches.

It’s a good idea to buy bulbs in the autumn and plant them as soon as you get them. The simple rules are that they should be covered by about 3cm of soil or compost and, as long as the bulbs aren’t touching, any spacing to suit your requirements is fine. 

Then just sit back and wait. The good news is that the flower has already been created by the bulb, it’s already in there, you just have to give it suitable growing conditions and in the spring they will grow out happily. The easiest sort of gardening.

Take a look at the bright white of this crocus. It adds a splash of interest that’s very obvious even on dark gloomy days. 

The formal shape of these lilac crocus buds are an attraction even before they open fully. So many different colours and sizes are available. 

You will find some plants available in garden centres now. You can leave them in situ undisturbed and they will flower for you every spring. Easy! 

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