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Louise’s top tips for wrapping plants for Mother’s Day

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Potter & Rest

How you present gifts is very important and taking a bit of time and care over it adds so much to the perceived value of the present and level of thoughtfulness.

If you’ve got your mum a special plant for Mother’s Day then follow our handy tips from our gift wrap expert Louise, on how to wrap it beautifully.


  1. Cut a square of cellophane approximately twice the length of the plant
  2. Place the square on a flat surface with one of the corners at the top
  3. Lay the plant down on top of the cellophane in the middle
  4. Fold the bottom corner of the cellophane up over the pot
  5. Bring the sides round over the pot and tape together
  6. Wrap some ribbon around the pot just above the top of the pot under the canopy of the plant
  7. Make a bow with the ribbon or curl the ends of the ribbon with scissors.


Another great way to wrap plants and give them a very natural look is by using hessian around the pot and tying with raffia or string.

Simply adding a large bow to plants such as trees or shrubs turns them into great presents.

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