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Posted on March 05, 2014 by Potter & Rest

“We tend to think of hyacinths as indoor potted bulbs for Christmas and relish the powerful fragrance in the depths of winter. However, if you find a good spot in the garden, ideally well drained and fairly sunny, they come out a little later around mid-February to mid-April.

“They have the same amazing fragrance and an exotic looking bloom to grace your garden in early spring. Bulbs are available to buy in autumn or flowering plants right now. Go on, have a go.

“If, like me, you have winter pansies in your pots looking a bit like these, suffering from the excess wet I think the answer is easy. Simply pull them out! The bulbs will now carry on and flower soon, giving you all the colour you need and a much tidier display too.

“Here the pot is, pansies removed, bulbs looking good and much tidier. Result!”

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