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We’re getting upwardly mobile again today...

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Yesterday we kicked off a series of blogs on climbers and here’s some more excellent expert advice from our resident gardening guru Peter Burks:

“If you’re looking for a climber for a west-facing wall or fence with variegated leaves go for Actinidia kolomikta. This deciduous climber has unusual large, green, heart-shaped leaves splashed with pink and white variegation.

“Abutilon vitifolium makes a good show too. It can grow with ease to reach the heady heights of 4.5m or 15ft. It has large, semi-evergreen, vine like leaves and saucer-shaped mauve flowers. Try the dark-flowered form ‘Veronica Tennant’. Another favourite is Cytisus battandieri, also known as the Moroccan or pineapple broom. This plant bears large clusters of pineapple scented flowers. It grows to at least 3m or 10ft and is partly evergreen with lovely silvery leaves.”

Pop back tomorrow if you’ve got a tricky north-facing wall to cover.

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