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Posted on June 05, 2016 by Potter & Rest

If you’ve got a sunny space to fill in your garden, then this traditional crowd-pleaser could be just what you’re looking for this summer.

Ceanothus (Californian lilac) is an impressive summer-flowering shrub. It has fluffy clouds of bright-blue flowers offset by dark, shiny, green leaves.

Care tips

  • It prefers a south-facing site that’s sheltered from the wind particularly cold winter winds.
  • The best spot for ceanothus is by a garden or house wall where it can be afforded some protection from nasty winter weather.
  • It likes a well-drained soil – wet, cold roots will cause its demise especially in harsh winters.
  • If needed add some horticultural grit in the hole you have dug when planting your ceanothus to help with drainage.
  • Prune deciduous varieties in early to mid-spring.

Varieties to look out for:

‘Cascade’ – perfect for informal, country gardens. It is a fast-growing variety that cascades down walls.

‘Puget Blue’ – perfect for smaller gardens, it blooms for weeks on end and is also happy in clay soils.

‘Concha’ – this has a Royal Horticultural Award of Garden Merit and its buds have a tinge of red to them in the spring. It is a good-looking specimen shrub that is hardier than other varieties so can survive in cooler areas in more exposed positions.

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