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Grow your own strawberries

Posted on May 22, 2016 by Potter & Rest

Enjoy the taste of freshly picked strawberries by growing your own, they’re easy to look after and you don’t need much space, you can even plant them in hanging baskets or containers on a patio.

Summer fruiting strawberries produce one large crop of fruit each year between late May and late July depending on variety.

If you select your varieties carefully and have the room, you could be picking fresh strawberries from May until the first frosts.

How to plant strawberries outside

First prepare the site where you plan to grow your strawberries, try not to plant them in an area where you’ve previously grown peppers, tomatoes, chrysanthemums or potatoes as the soil may be contaminated with a disease that strawberries are susceptible to.

Good drainage is vital and a sunny, sheltered spot is preferable. Dig over the soil thoroughly to remove weeds and add some compost such New Horizon Organic peat free compost (hyperlink to on the website) and a suitable fertiliser such as Vitax Q4, now you’re ready to start planting.

Create a hole slightly bigger than the root ball. The crown (this is the firm centre of the plant, which is surrounded by leaves) should be just above the soil. Strawberry plants need to be planted at the correct depth to prevent the crown from rotting or the roots from drying out.

Plant the strawberries 35cm apart and in rows 75cm apart.

The summer fruiting strawberry varieties we recommend include:

Cambridge Favourite, Elsanta, Honeoye and Hapil.
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