The Main Advantages of Quality Double Glazing

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It is a fairly standard practice these days for new homes to have double glazed windows as builders are aware of all the main advantages of double glazing.

Being ecologically aware is not a passing phase or something that is in vogue at the moment, global warming and fuel emissions are a constant threat therefore we should do all we can to reduce our heating costs both on a financial and environmental level.

Quality Double GlazingIt is surprising to hear that in some cases, as much as 50% of generated heat can be lost in the home due to old and poorly fitted doors and windows apart from having to suffer the consequences of living in draughty cold conditions throughout our long winters. Without doubt this is the main advantage of double glazing coupled with the fact that you will immediately see you financial outlay start to pay for itself with much reduced heating bills.

The next big advantage is the increase in your home security with the use of extra toughened glass and sophisticated locking mechanisms on windows and doors which will act as a major deterrent to any possible intruders. In this day and age we need to think about these factors when making any major home improvements and this is really an added bonus of double glazing.

Not only is there the increased security but there is a drastic reduction in outside noise levels which, if you happen to live on a very busy main road for example or perhaps suffer from noisy neighbours, you can silence these irritations in seconds. This is particularly useful if you perhaps work night-shifts and need to sleep during the day or maybe you just prefer the peace and quiet but it is a guarantee that you will be delighted with the results.

From a cosmetic angle, your property will immediately be transformed and the end result can actually be quite dramatic so do bear this in mind; if you happen to live in an older property or perhaps a listed building you must take advice from your local council as, in some cases, you may need to apply for planning permission to make these kind of changes. All in all, the installation of new double glazing does not cause a great deal of inconvenience and is completed in a relatively short space of time so now is the time to turn your dreams into fruition and you will not regret your decision.

There are various Government Grant Schemes in place designed to cover the installation of double glazed windows so it is definitely worth checking on their website or enquiring at your Council offices where they will be able to help you check your eligibility to make an application.

In summary the advantages of double glazing far outweigh any disadvantages and by making a simple purchase you will feel the benefits and enjoy the advantages every single day.

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